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Uzushio revisited (Again) by NuclearPrinter
Uzushio revisited (Again)
I seem to still be unsure about Uzushio's appearance, but I'm starting to feel more comfortable with her design. She's got more to her arsenal and a bit of backstory to go along with it too...

Meet Uzushio, the Assassin in the Waves. A breed of human and water killing machine, with unknown origin…

A old fisherman, Mr. Torikama, set out to the shore one early morning to catch some fish to sell at the market later that day when he happened up the girl standing upon some rocks overlooking the ocean. The old fisherman at first figured the girl was just someone’s daughter up early to explore the coastline until he observed the girl further. The girl’s clothes were torn in places around her back and what appeared to be a shark’s fin protruded from her spine. Mr. Torikama only started to make his way towards the girl when he saw the girl fall off the rocks and plummet into the ocean. Without hesitation Torikama dropped his fishing supplies and ran towards where he saw the girl disappear into the frothy water below. As Torikama got closer he spotted a shark fin bobbing along the surface. Diving into the water, he torpedoed his way to the shark fin, grabbing it and pulling it up out of the water. However, to his surprise the girl stared back at him with full consciousness. The girl had bright golden eyes with thin, narrow pupils. The eyes a predator would have when it’s hiding in the brush about to pounce on its prey. Torikama glanced down and noticed a blue-finned bass flailing madly in the girl’s pointed teeth.

"She wasn’t drowning, she was hunting…" Torikama thought as he gazed in amazement at this little girl. All the meanwhile, the child stared back in bewilderment, confused of why the man pulled him out of the water but also curious of who the man was. Torikama pulled the girl to the beach and sat her down next to him.

"Are you here by yourself?" Torikama asked the strange child, while checking for any injuries on himself and the girl.

The girl nodded her head, chewing on the bass, which had ceased to flop around and instead flipped its tail occassionally. 

"You do have a family though, don’t you? Do they know you’re here?" Torikama asked.

The girl shook her head. The bass stopped moving all together. Torikama gazed at the child, in case she were to say something more, before standing up. He took the child by the hand and walked her back to where he dropped his fishing equipment.

"Come now, let’s get you some more fish" Torikama said in a slightly irritated tone.

The girl smiled and trotted after the man.

to be continued…

Uzushio, Concept revised by NuclearPrinter
Uzushio, Concept revised
After looking back at the picture of Uzushio, I realized she could use a little rework in terms of her design

She no longer has the teeth pattern on her mask, instead she has a black face and neck mask. Her actual mouth does have shark teeth though, and her neck has gills. Both are concealed by the mask, because they considers those to be eye catching. As an assassin, she does not want that. (And everything else isn't distracting?)

She also has flippers now. I wanted to create the sort of Ninja 2 toed foot with the flipper, but it just ended up becoming a flipper so what the hell.

"The tide of battle ebbs and flows" -Uzushio
Saw-Foot, The Buccaneer Beauty by NuclearPrinter
Saw-Foot, The Buccaneer Beauty
The Seventh Mugen Fighter in the series

Meet Autumn "Saw-Foot" Regal, The Buccaneer Beauty. There are many scourges that roam the seven seas. But no one is as notoriously known and ill spoken of as Autumn "Saw-Foot" Regal. She is characterized by her hungering greed, grotesque sense of humor, and awful drinking habits. But famous for her missing leg which has a large blade in its place. A master swashbuckler and renowned pirate, Autumn is a fearless sea dog ready to take on the next big thing. 
Jack Bean, the Botanic Man by NuclearPrinter
Jack Bean, the Botanic Man
The Sixth MUGEN fighter in the series

Introducing Jack Bean! After an encounter with a malicious plant, Jack found the plant's seed had been planted inside his skin and has rooted itself through his body. Now control over the plant life around him, one would assume all would be well. Unfortunately, the downside of having such a prolific plant inside Jack is it constantly draining his life force through its roots. Out for a quest to find a cure for this abomination, he doesn't care who gets in his way, or what.
Atrophy, The Radioactive Slime by NuclearPrinter
Atrophy, The Radioactive Slime
The Fifth MUGEN fighter!

Meet Atrophy, The Radioactive Slime. Chemically engineered in an underground lab, Atrophy is the result of an experiment gone awry. After being born from unstable DNA exposed to radioactive chemicals, she destroyed the underground lab and melted the faces of all of the scientists working with her highly corrosive slime. Unintentionally. Saddened by her dangerous form, she wanders the world trying to find a helpful purpose so she can forget about her havoc-ridden birth. 


Just Browsin'
United States
The idea of a minion controlling champion has been passed around for a while and I would like to create a good kit for this suggested champion. I don't only want this champion to be original in kit but to also be viable in today's meta.

The Rebelious Minion

Passive: Viva La Revolucion!
Nearby ally minions will target any enemy that Yolanda attacks with her abilities or basic attacks. Whenever Yolanda kills an enemy minion, the minion revives and follows Yolanda, also attacking any enemies that Yolanda attacks. (Max minions under control = 6. Jungle monsters cannot be controlled by this passive.) The controlled minion will automatically die after 1 minute.

Q: Cavalry        Cooldown: 14/12/10/9/8 seconds                    Mana cost: 55/65/75/80/85
Yolanda spawns 6 (3 melee minions and 3 caster minions) of her reinforcement minions in a circle, dealing 100/125/175/235/295 (+%70 AP) to all enemies caught in the radius. The minions have their default base health and scale the same as well. Melee minions deal 50 (+50% AD) physical damage while Caster minions deal 75 (+%50 AP) magic damage. The minions die after 10 seconds.

W: Incognito      Cooldown: 24/22/20/18/16 seconds                 Mana cost: 50/55/60/65/70
Yolanda becomes disguised as an ally minion and gain a shield equal to the current minion wave health for 7 seconds. Yolanda gains all the stats of a melee minion. Yolanda can then reactivate the ability to stun all surrounding enemies for 0.75/1/1.25/1.5/2 seconds and dealing 70/95/110/130/150 (+45% AP) magic damage. Yolanda also gains a 4/5/6% movement speed buff

E: Rebel Yell      Cooldown: 8/7/6/5/4                                     Mana cost: 40/40/40/40/40
Yolanda cries out a mighty war cry, dealing 40/50/60/85/100 (+%75) and slowing surrounding enemies by 10%. Controlled minions and nearby ally minions also perform Rebel yell with a slightly reduced radius, damage, and slow. The slow does stack upon itself, increasing with the number of yells hitting.

R: Super Promotion     Cooldown: 110/90/75                            Mana cost: 120/105/95
Yolanda increases the moral of all allies and controlled minions in an area, increasing allied champions' attack and movement speed. Allied/controlled minions in the area are promoted to super minions, fully healed and have their life timer reset to 1 minute.

This champion is meant to start as a bursty mage that would excel at pushing mid lane and zoning enemies. It would seem like a good idea take a point in Rebel Yell early to zone out the enemies but max Cavalry first. Take a point in Incognito at level 3, so that you can set up for when a teammate comes to gank the lane or when Yolanda roams to gank other lanes. Yolanda will be fairly mana reliant, but Rebel Yell will become easily spammable mid to late game, especially once you have mana /mana regen items. In team fights, her general thought process is to make sure she has some controlled minions to start with from farming and then to lead in with Incognito if she is not focused first. Run in and stun the enemy team, then lay down Cavalry onto as many enemies as possible, spamming Rebel Yell as much as possible. If your teammates and minions are grouped up together, lay down Super Promotion, to give your teammates the edge and increase the pressure from you minions.
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